There’s an old maxim:

You can have it:
   1.  Done well
   2.  Done quickly
   3.  Done cheaply
Choose two.

Well, I believe that you can choose all three.

My clients hire me on a retainer for periods of 12 months at a time. That way I’m part of your team and you can call on me at any time.

First, we meet up and work out:

  • What do you want to achieve in 12 months?
  • How will you measure if we have achieved that?

Then we look at what assets you have, and what we need to create – eg:

  • Do you not have a website, or are we rebuilding/refreshing an existing one?
  • What Social Media accounts do you have, and would you like to have a presence on?
  • Do you have a showreel, or a video of you “in action”?
  • Do you have a blog?
  • What additional services would you like to be able to offer your clients?

At that point we can start to work out how much work will be required by me to help you achieve those goals. That turns into a budget, and we then amortise that cost over 12 months, so that you have a fixed monthly cost – which will translate into how many days per month I will work solely for you (if you like we can even specify exact days).

Typically, this ranges from £250 to £750 per month, plus expenses.

In order to achieve your goals, however, I may need to work more days in some months, and fewer in others. That’s fine, it all evens out, but you get the benefit of a fixed monthly cost (and I get the benefit of a regular, predictable income).

Over-and-above the agreed scope-of-work, though, you continue to have me as an in “in-house resource”, for all of those odd jobs that will come up – the video that needs encoding, the audio file that needs converted, tech support, advice etc

Plus, if you have an opportunity to pitch for additional work – such as a video production – I will help write the proposal, come to those meetings and pitch with you free-of-charge, as a member of your team, bringing with me my extensive experience, showreel and portfolio of work, to help you secure the project.

If you would like to work out how we can potentially work together, drop me a line and let’s meet up for a cup of tea and a chat.