A blog is a great way to continue having an impact on your clients.

By posting regular hints, tips and insight, clients will see you as a thought-leader in your field, as well as simply seeing you as someone who is generous with their knowledge, experience and time.

A blog is a great way of giving prospective clients an insight into your business, a flavour of what they could expect if they were to work with you.

Seeing that you regularly and consistently post content over a period of time demonstrates your commitment, and that you are organised and dedicated. Even if they don’t read the content, prospective clients can’t help but be impressed that you are more organised than they are!

I have created a system that enables you to have a regular blog, written by a professional writer, but using your words. The system enables you to have an authentic blog, even though you don’t have the time to write it yourself.

Fortnightly blog, created for Sun and Moon Training.